121 Fitness will temporarily be closing operations effective at 9:00 PM Wednesday, March 18th due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make but effective at the close of business today (9:00 PM Wednesday, March 18th) we will be temporarily closed due to guidance from the President, the Governor, and our Macon County Health Department.


I know this decision will displease many of you – many of my most loyal members and some of my best friends especially – but if one person (or their parents or their grandparents) becomes ill because we stayed open – well, that is something I don’t think I could live within my own conscience.

In addition, the edict to not gather in groups of more than ten people makes it almost impossible to operate as normal.


This seems to be the great unknown. I can tell you we will comply with the guidance given by the State of Illinois. As soon as we can safely reopen we will.


Effective immediately I will be placing every member’s account on “Freeze”. If you pay monthly through auto pay your payments will stop until we reopen. If you have a Paid In Full membership (whether it is a month or a year) I will add the time we are closed to the end of your contract.

My billing company (ABC Financial) says there will be a 48-72 hour lag in stopping the auto payment but I will make sure it all comes out fair once we reopen.


As I said, this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Many of you have thanked us for being open during the past week because it is your only source of sanity. Trust me, it kills me to take that away. It kills me to take it away from my employees and myself as well. You all keep us sane too.

I want to thank all of my employees who have – without fail – shown up, cleaned like they never have before, and kept a positive attitude through all of this.

And, most of all, I want to THANK YOU all for supporting this small business for the past twenty years.

I do not plan on getting into individual discussions on Facebook (good or bad) but if you want to communicate with me directly my personal e-mail address is

We will see everyone again soon. In the meantime stay safe, healthy, and sane!

Jon Aschermann

121 Fitness